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Magnum shotgun powder

I am the newest member so hello to all you shotgunners. I have six shotguns ranging from 20 to 10 gauge. I'm going goose hunting in Washington in December and I want to reload magnum 10 gauge shotgun shells using Hevi shot (bought 7 years ago when it was more reasonable). I also shoot muzzleloaders using smokeless powder (legal here in Hawaii) like N110. I have many bottles of N110, and I saw a blog by a guy in Finland who had used it (64 grains) in a shotgun load. Has anyone seen any book etc. that shows the use of N110? I'm OK with buying new loading material/book since I haven't been loading for awhile, but not if they just use Blue Dot. I have the Lyman Shotshell Reloading Handbook from 2000. I also have Lil Gun, H4227, HS-6, IMR SC4759 if any of those can be used. Thanks
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