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777 Pellets are equal to loose black powder

Originally Posted by mykeal
Ah, no, I don't think so.
Two 50 grain pellets of 777 is 100 grains of 777, period, loose or otherwise.
85 grains/volume of 777 is, approximately, equal to 100 grains/volume of real black powder or Pyrodex.
100 grains/volume of 777, loose or in pellet form (two 50 grain pellets), is, approximately, equal to 115 grains of real black powder or Pyrodex.
Actually the statement above is incorrect.
I just got off the phone with Mike at Hodgdon's muzzle loading department.
He was quite clear that the .50/50 777 pellets are designed to be equivalent to 50 grains of black powder and not 50 grains of loose 777.
What prompted me to call was that #1: I thought that someone had weighed their 777 pellets and reported that they were lighter in weight than loose 777 powder.
#2: The Hodgdon website ambiguously states that the .50/50 777 pellets are equivalent to 100 grains of loose powder, but doesn't state which loose powder. Thus I wanted it to be clarified.

Mike said that he gets asked the question all of the time and that all of their pellets are made to be equivalent to black powder loads and not the Hodgdon loose powders.
This especially makes sense because Hodgdon is now making .50/60 777 pellets that are labeled as Magnum pellets which could overload some guns.
If .50/50 pellets were equivalent to 115 grains of loose black powder, that would exceed the factory recommended 100 grain maximum load for many older conventional muzzle loaders.
And also, if three of those 777 pellets were loaded and they equaled 150 grains of loose 777, that would be exceeding the factory recommended load for 150 grain maximum load magnum muzzle loaders by the equivalent of 22.5 grains of black powder (15%).
He said that it's the same for their White Hots Pellets too.
And he also mentioned the 15% greater strength of 777 as being the reason why the pellets are made to be BP equivalent.
Below is Hodgdon's ambiguous written statement regarding the meaning of 100 grain equivalent if loading two 777 .50/50 pellets:


Triple SevenĀ® Muzzleloading Pellets

50 Caliber - 50 Grain Pellets

Designed for use in 50 caliber in-line rifles. A single Pellet may be used for target or small game and two 50/50 Pellets may be used to create the 100 gr. equivalent for big game. Packed 100 Pellets to the box or 24 Pellets to the card. Easy clean-up, just like Triple Seven granular powder. Designed for use with 209 shotshelll primers only.

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