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Ah, no, I don't think so.
Two 50 grain pellets of 777 is 100 grains of 777, period, loose or otherwise.
85 grains/volume of 777 is, approximately, equal to 100 grains/volume of real black powder or Pyrodex.
100 grains/volume of 777, loose or in pellet form (two 50 grain pellets), is, approximately, equal to 115 grains of real black powder or Pyrodex.
You are correct mykeal.

Guess I should research my info. a bit better before giving advice eh?

I haven't shot pellets in some 20yrs.(and that was a short-lived experience) and for some reason thought the 777 pellets were equal to Pyrodex pellets. Just not the loose.

Thanks for teaching me something today. Been wrong all these years.

Again, Thanks for the correction.

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