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So...has anyone here actually come off their bike wearing a pistol? I have not, but I do know two guys who have. Both while wearing full sized pistols. In each case there was no harm to the rider from the gun, there was harm to the holster (in one of the cases it was posted on the Fobus web page, might still be there for all I know), and in both cases the pistol remained secure. While this may not be the be all and end all of statistical analysis, it sure beats conjecture.

I think it is a non issue. My tiny .380 in an upper vest gun pocket is going to be no more harm to me in a wreck than a wallet. It also goes with me wherever I go. I do not have to fish it out of a bag or something every time I go into a establishment.

Yes I realize I am more likely to wreck than to get into a gun fight, but this is false reasoning. My likelyhood of having to use a gun does NOT go down just because some other risk is greater, and the risk of my gun harming me in a wreck is just about nil based on the two actual wrecks with guns I am personally aware of.

I would be very interested to hear of any motorcycle wrecks involving guns in which we are sure the gun caused injury to the rider he or she would not have otherwise sustained.
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