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I'm reading the notes on the various "phones" and the picture/posting options and what is becoming clear is that I have got to get off the dime. I mean should I still be using a Trac-Fone with prepaid minutes from WalMart?

Breaking out of the cheap mold can be hard.


How about next time you sit giving us a bug/snake update. Not that I expect you to report either being about, just would like to hear how NICE it is to not have them!!

In the last week or two while scouting/working/setting stands I've run up on 5 pigmys, one REAL rattler ( 54 inches without his head & he tasted good fried up with some fish at the market! ) and 2 REAL cotton mouths.

And the mosquitos, yellow flies, ticks, chiggers......they are REALLY bad.
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