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It's been known for over a century that the muzzle axis doesn't point to the same place when the bullet leaves as it did when the firing pin fired the round.
And that is precisely the reason that the following statement can't be true.
The rifles accuracy with the ammo it shoots is fixed. It doesn't know how its held nor where it's pointed when shot.
Because the muzzle moves slightly in recoil between the instant of firing and the time the shot leaves the barrel, it will shoot to slightly different points of aim depending on how the recoil movement is affected by the way the rifle is held/restrained in recoil.

It shouldn't affect the accuracy on target too much as long as the hold is consistent, because from a given position and with a consistent hold the recoil behavior of the rifle should be pretty consistent too.

However, the fact remains that careful shooting from a well-designed machine rest will produce accuracy results that a human can not duplicate from a formal shooting position, even if that shooter can completely eliminate aiming error, wobble and flinch.

All that is assuming a rifle set up so that things like hand positioning and sling tension don't affect the point of impact to any significant extent. Those things are additional complications that can certainly make a big difference in the accuracy of some rifles when shot from different shooting positions.
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