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Start scrounging lead NOW!!! watch out for zinc Wheel Weights , zinc is bad & will render lead impossible to get a good bullets.Plenty of info around on the subject .

Alot of casters has started with lee molds & still do , but as you grow into your abilitys in the cast bullet world you`ll venture into different wants/needs.

Just like the kitchen in your house you can spend as much as ya want in the appliances, but it won`t make ya cook better !!

I cast for a long time with a pot over a turkey fryer burner , a Stainless steel pot ,a Lyman ladle & Lee 2 holers. As needs increased I stepped up to bigger better, faster methods .

Now the question is, have I saved coins casting my own ???

Probably less than I want to believe ,BUT I can taylor MY bullet to MY need in MY firearm.

At ANYTIME I want or need to !!!

Casting & handlin lead is fairly safe , it has to be in a microscopic form to be absorbed ,so that leaves thru the skin out . Just follow common sense precautions such as washing your hands & not inhaling stinky fumes .

If ya gonna go the ingot way check out Rotometals they have casting alloys ready to go at fair prices & as usual the more ya buy the cheaper it gets .
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