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--as I cast my own bullets and buy powder & primers in bulk I spend 4 cents per rd to load 9mm. thats $2.00 per 50 and $40.00 per 1000.

if I could buy new loaded ammo for less I sure would!! --

Bizzactly biganimal. I cast for nearly everything. I send cast down x39, 30-30, '06, .308, not to mention 9mm, 38/357,40,45 and all those BP toyos to boot. Just a touch of lino, and LSSTUFF lube, and I don't have any problemmo. Savings really add up for the rifle calibers on cast. Smokes a bit at the range, but not enough to keep me from seeing the targets.

I pick up anything I ever see, but in the same motion, don't look just too awful hard for 9mm brass when shooting down in the pasture or the pond in the grass. Too cheap to buy vs. this old man bending over and throwing his back out.
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