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What are you hunting with a .22lr...- squirrels, rabbits, small game birds?....

Because anything that size ( If it's within 50 yards give or take some) that I mentioned above can pretty much be taken out with any style/type ammo from subsonics to HV, or round nose to hollow point.

If it's reliability and accuracy intended- I'd recommend Subsonic "SV" ammo from CCI. If its more power, and accuracy isn't too much concern, I recommend any HV from CCI, including the Velocitors.

Like I said though, - most rabbit/ fowl size game can be taken with most cheap bulk ammo.

Now if your gonna try for yote size game and you must use a .22lr, your best to stick with CCI Velocitors ( 40 grain rated at 1435 FPS ) and keep the max range under 75 yards to allow for a humane head shot only type scenario. I'd recommend atleast a .22WMR for any shots beyond.

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