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I haven't decided if this rifle will make it into the woods to hunt with this season or not yet. I kind of feel like I'll just be getting to know the rifle when the season starts so I'll have to see how things go. I have a scoped bolt action rifle in 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser that has killed a bunch of deer over the years so if I need a scoped rifle it's there. This will be more of a close range rifle for me, used in areas where 100yd shots just aren't going to happen. I think this rifle will excell in that application which is why I want to stay with the iron sights (although I find the buckhorn style sights tend to be less accurate than a peep). I also decided it won't be long before one of my boys is starting to deer hunt and I would need a second rifle.

Going out tomorrow night to see what the local Gander Mtn has for ammo, probably pick up a box each of every variety they stock (looks like Leverevolution and Core-lokt based on the web site). Then off to the gun club on Thursday to see how she shoots.

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