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Made some cartridges with bullets sticking faaaar out of the cases because of the long throat - just touching the rifling - I'm very pleased with the accuracy! It was a busy day at the range and I could only sight the rifle in at 50 firing ~ 25-30 shots, my best load grouped about 1'' at 50, and that was a ten shot group with no cleaning, wiping or using a blow tube between the shots.
I honestly did not expect my my first handloads ever to work that well - in a completely new gun!

The powder fouling was so soft one wipe with a dry cloth and the barrel was shiny again - and that after 10 shots.
I might not even need a grease cookie for future loads.

The 385 grain roundnose bullets loaded with 70 grains of swiss 3FG were a lot of fun, they're not very heavy but they were flying downrange at blistering speeds producing a surprising amount of muzzle blast and recoil, soon a small crowd gathered around me going all ''ooooh'' and ''ahhhh'' after each shot.
They produced 1.5'' groups, I'm sure I can get them down to 1'' with a little tweaking.

Of course, the 520 grainer's were the real deal, while with the slightly reduced charge (58 grain 3fg) not creating as impressive muzzle blasts and smoke clouds they were very accurate.
Judging by the muzzle report they were leaving the barrel at supersonic speeds.

And one fun thing I noticed is that the 520 grainers were so heavy they slightly twisted the 11 lbs rifle in my hands!
I can imagine this to be a more of a serious problem with the 50-100's etc. firing 650+ grain bullets.
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