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Hi Guys,

If any of you are looking for info on Zoli shotguns in the American market, here's a LINK to their website, where you can download the full catalogue with gun specs, details on barrel markings, chokes etc.

Not sure we have the same guns in Europe as you guys do in the US, I've certainly not come across 'Silver Snipe' over here (unless they're a 20g?)

I personally shoot a Zoli Sport Z-Extra 12g, 32-inch, multi-choke (external):

and Zoli Kronos Sport, 12g, 29.5-inch, multi-choke:

There's also a ton of info on buying and selling Zolis in the US at this LINK

As you will probably know, they do Sporting guns, Trap guns, and game guns.

Hope that helps.


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