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Lead? Go to a Plumbing supply house. It less than a buck a pound, and it comes in 5 lb Ingots.

5 Lbs X 7000 = 35000 grains
35000 grains/200 = 175 200 grain bullets.

You will also need to buy tin and possibly antimony, depending on the alloy you choose. Tin is expensive, but you will only be using a bit of it (normally 2 to 5%). Antimony is the same, and usually bought premixed as a 70/30 lead alloy. The alloy makes the antimony a bit easier to work with. Generating the temperature to melt pure antimony would be problematic. Buy the alloy.

You can not generate lead fumes at the temperatures we use, normally less than 800 degrees F. Lead must be ingested in order to poison you. Wash your hands after doing your casting and you'll be OK. Proper hygene is the key.

You can knock out a hundred bullets within an hour, once you get things going your way. A 6 cavity mold is much faster than a 2 or 4 of course.

Casting bullets is just another notch on the handle of reloading. It's a hobby, take your time and enjoy it.
David Bachelder
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