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First off, sorry to anyone who sent me a PM or email about the brass. My son has been quite ill and now he has beem in the hospital for over a week so things around here have taken a back seat. He is showing some improvement to the point that he just got transfered out of the ICU so things are looking up on that account.

Here are a couple pics of some of my brass:

This is the 9mm brass. Left to right we have some old range brass with a dark patina, two bags of 500 fully prepped brass, decapped brass, and the two on the right are stuff that needs to get processed. I have not sorted the 9mm by headstamp. Once it is decapped I sonic clean it as this seems to do a fair job of getting the crud out of the case and primer pocket. I gave two bags of this brass to my friend so he has enough 9 mm brass to finish using up his components. Maybe I'll get the dies from him when he's done with them...

Here is some .45 Auto brass. All of it is fully prepped, that is to say it's been tumbled, decapped, sonic cleaned, and polished in the tumbler (with new media). I package these in zip-lock bags with 100 per bag, sorted by headstamp. I also gave my friend four bags of R-P brass and I still have 11 bags left of various head stamps. The small tub inside the tote in the lower left is bags of short-count brass sorted by headstamp. When I get enough of whichever brand to make a full bag, it goes with the others. That way I can load by lots of 100 using various primer/brass combinations.
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