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I don't understand what does what I seem like have to do with anything. Nor do I understand what you mean when you say I'm digging.

I am just trying to present an idea that really everyone here should know, not everything works for everyone.

Just for presenting that, I have been called arrogant, close minded, prideful, poor etc.

Not everyone comes at this at the same level, or have the same at stake. I will likely never be called on to defend your life or for that matter anyones even my family or mine, so tactics I want to use should not matter to you. My point was I thought the techinque in question had little value for me in sd.
That statment brings about such disdain from many that have taught, used in an attack, or to win competitions.

Since when did persons in disagreement with an idea, or method have to deal with name calling and being singled out in this manner. Oh I forgot this is America and we are on the web.

I have not used the method to shoot at anything but a target, others may have used it to take down a bad guy or win prizes, but how do they know something else would not have worked, and in a sd case I have know idea what would work or not, but for shooting targets, it was less effective for ME, that's it. So if I can't hit the target when not in a sd why would I try to draw and fire that way when my life was on the line.
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