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Hey Guys, maybe you can steer me to a source of identification help for my newly acquired Antonio Zoli 12 Magnum O/U Shotgun. Ser # 77124,
Case-hardened receiver with engraving.
vent rib,
26 inch barrels,
labeled "Made for American Imports, San francisco CAlifornia"
Various proof marks,
Name- Antonio Zoli imprinted near the trigger guard area.

I need to know the model name/label to get an understanding of the value of this auction-bought gun. It came in a beautiful custom suitcase designed to hold a breakdown gun in the three basic pieces...all velvet padded. Case from Belleville, Wisconsin.

If you know anything about this model gun, please share your information. If you have a source for research, share it and I will do a followup contact. I am hoping to find a source like Ruger has to trace serial numbers for production information and dates.

Here it is

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