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I still get my lead in the form of tire weights. It's not certified alloy, but considering I'm certifiable myself, it balances since the weights no longer do...

Depending on where you are, there is still lead to be had cheaply--my local tire shop still parts with them for the price of a pizza and a 12-pack. The nice part is once you have it, if you shoot where you can recover it, you can recycle your own bullets over and over again. as for being poisonous---the lead fumes aren't an issue till 1200F, well above what you should be melting at (650F is about right). And unless you are ingesting it, it's not going to get into your system by simple handling. I cast simply to expand what I've already done. My cast bullets perform better than jacketed in my handguns, my AK is frightening with a 170gr. cast bullet, and my 32Win Spl has never run so well before paper-patching lead to feed it. Just like anything else, it is what you make of it. For me, jacketed is almost a forgotten word.
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