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+1 to the multiple Sig229 carriers who already posted! I recently picked up a 229, and have carried it a few times, but Im having a hard time switching from my beloved Glock23. The Sig has really impressed me, and is setup great for carry, its the Extreme model with Sig night sights and the piranna grip. Only problem thus far is that 90% + of my shooting time has been with Glocks, and to me they are second nature. I have been struggling a bit with the first shot double action pull on the Sig, and with time and practice I expect that to change. But I love the Glock design and shoot them well, its very light, 100% reliable, on and on. So to answer the op's question, about 3 years now I have been carrying either a Glock 26 or a Glock 23, with an occasional Sig or Smith revolver every so often.
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