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Originally Posted by tgreening
"RJ": I'm good on NFA. What was confusing me was whether anyone could convert a pistol to a non-nfa rifle and back, or if it had to come in a kit by a manufacturer. That part was a bit unclear to me, and still is based on the way they have it worded, but I have no problem accepting your take on it.
Don't take my word on it. Read it, re-read it, take notes on it and read it from your notes, then compare your notes to the actual letter. Do what ever it takes for you to understand the backwards legal-eeze they use in that letter until it makes sense to you, and you understand the ruling of that letter. If you can't understand it, then hire a lawyer to tell you what it means. What ever you do, DO NOT take my word on it. I'm just another keyboard commando for all you know. TRUST, but VERIFY!
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