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I admit that you only learn by going outside your comfort zone and anything one is not used to or new to may be considered out your comfort zone. In my case I started with a negative view partly by a trainer that was not good. I went back (different trainer and place) with a determination to learn the technique in question and practiced at home the recommend time and amounts (at least 100 per session) for weeks. When I tried it at a gun club I go to (outdoor range) I was a far worst shot as far as being on target, plus I never got confident with the mechanics of the draw or modifing it to suit my IWB (tucked at times) carry style. So like I said and have been saying it's not for everyone and other methods may work just as effective. By the way no one yet has offered any other method or technique (something supported by trainers and pros) that one may try, and that to me seems closed minded, or limited
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