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interested in BPs so I could extend my hunting season.
No doubt about that. It sure would.

What are some tips to get started BP shooting
As most here on this FLF thread location are indeed veterans at B/P. I'm sure if you stick around here you will indeed learn a few ("tips") that do apply to your situation cdmckane. A couple things to remember. Be patient & observant. After all it is a skill.

My tip; The very first thing I would do since this is a pre-owned rifle you were given. Make sure it isn't already loaded or has a projectile stuck someplace in its barrel length. If the barrel is clear. Then mark your Ram- rod for total distance to its breech bottom. Done easily and neatly in a simple but effective way using an indelible fine-tipped pen as arcticap suggested.

bore butter when loading balls with patches but doesn't say weather or not I need to with sabots.
arcticap: He answered that one for you and offered more Links besides.

Post Script: Welcome to the form Sir.

Oops I guess I'm a bit late with this one_
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