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I was at a tossup between the sr22 and the 22/45 and ended up going with the 22/45 lite. kinda kicked myself afterward, should have gone with the standard. I too was looking at aesthetics and the SR22 sure is a lot prettier than the 22/45/MKIII but the things that did it for me were:
longer sight radius(easier to center sights)
fixed barrel means fewer moving parts and chances for wear, also increases accuracy
design requires very little cleaning
fits my hand quite well while the SR22 feels a bit small for me but then again nobody would let me try the larger grip

those were just the things that swayed me towards the 22/45 and away from the SR22. but between the guns you have listed and since aesthetics are important to you I would go with the SR22.

fully interchangeable grip sizes
aluminum construction instead of pot metal
will fit the role of a training pistol for your larger caliber(later down the road) home defense gun better.
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