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WA State - B&O tax on private sales ?

Hello everyone - - this is directed to people in Washington state. As you may know, we're charged sales tax on out of state gun purchases. They call it a "Business & Occupations" tax - - but its calculated at the same rates as sales tax. Roughly, depending on the location the gun is received, its about 8-8.5%. Its calculated on price of the gun, shipping, insurance, and any accessories bought with the gun in the deal.

My question is this - - - is this tax charged on out of state private sales ? If you were to buy a gun from a private party off of GunBroker or GunsAmerican , for example - - - would the tax be charged ?

My guess is that it is charged. Those in govt love to tax. I'm watching a few auction items and would like to know for sure beforehand. I'll make sure the seller includes a printed invoice. It also impacts what I'm willing to bid on. I only buy hard to find items out of state now.

Thank you - -

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