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I own the NEOS and the CZ-75B Kadet,,,

The NEOS is a single action target pistol,,,
It's primary purpose is target shooting.

The Kadet is a full size DA/SA combat pistol,,,
I think it's primary purpose is as an understudy to the CZ-75B in 9mm.

So your question could be answered by deciding,,,
What type of gun is appropriate for her.

A NEOS with a 4.5" barrel is a joy to shoot,,,
The smaller grips often fit a woman's hands perfectly,,,
And everything a person needs to know can be learned on a NEOS.

While I love my CZ-75B Kadet,,,
I recommend the Beretta NEOS for her first pistol,,,
It's inexpensive enough that you could buy a matching pair for the cost of one Kadet.


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