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I have no experience with the Ruger or the CZ. I do have a lot of experience with the Beretta. I traded an old Llama Especiale .22 for one since the owner of the Beretta wanted something more "traditional" looking and I didn't really care either way. The Neos is well made and you can disassemble the gun quickly and easily for cleaning. So let me start off with the bad: the grip angle. It makes me naturally point high. Also, the mag release is above the trigger on the right of the gun which takes some getting used to, but for a range gun, not really an issue. Now the good: everything else. It is well made, fit and finish are acceptable, and it will run on everything I have tried. It is crazy accurate, with only the 4.5 inch barrel, much more than I am on Walmart federal bulk. Even more so on CCI mini mags. The mags are very nice all stainless steel, and have a very nice lug to hold the follower down to make reloading super easy. The trigger is typicall for a striker fire, it has a little give before it breaks, but it is consistent, easy, and predictable so I can focus on sight picture instead of trigger work. My Dad says it looks like a space gun and gave me a hard time about that until he shot it. He had trouble giving it back. I think he summed the Beretta up the best, "Well, it is either a love it or hate it looks on that girl, but she sure is a sweetheart." At least I think he was talking about the gun and not my wife, but who knows.

Overall, the Beretta is one gun that always goes to the range, even over some of my higher dollar stuff. It is fun, cheap, fun, and more fun. For me, that is what a good gun is for.
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