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He got the Shwacker treatment too.

2012 is starting out to be a good season. Here's the second deer of the year with the crossbow. The Shwacker broadheads and the lighted nocks are doing the job. He took off with the bolt hanging out both sides and didn't drop out until 80 yards in to his death run. Incidentally, that saved me 80 yards of tracking. He went about 160 yards total and cashed it in. The blood trail was awesome and I have now shot 2 deer with the same bolt only replacing the Shwacker blades. I still have an any buck tag and 2 antlerless tags but, honestly I am going for Mr. Bignuts now.

Sorry, cannot get the picture to upload. Anyway, he's just a 13" basket 7 pt. but I wish you all could see what these broadheads do. It looks a bunch like this one.
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Deer are amazing please don't burn the sauteed onions and I'll pass on the steak sauce, thank you.

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