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First, a call plot from a dryfire session does not tell the complete story as far shooter accuracy is concerned.
I agree. It's been known for over a century that the muzzle axis doesn't point to the same place when the bullet leaves as it did when the firing pin fired the round. But it's the best thing going these days outside of laser pointers that some international teams have used.

Second, the free-recoiling accuracy of a rifle does not fully characterize its performance from all shooting positions.
I disagree. Free recoiling rifles held the same way as people do will do that. Gripped at the stock's fore end and its butt plate held against a back support. Firing one so mounted lets the rifle to move rearward as the muzzle axis rises while the bullet goes down the barrel. Such machine rests do exist and have been and are used by top level competitors since the 1960's. Here's the one used by David Tubb:

The rifles accuracy with the ammo it shoots is fixed. It doesn't know how its held nor where it's pointed when shot. It performs the same for each and every shot. Where it's pointed and how it's held for each shot it totally controlled by the shooter. Which is why there's 1/4 to almost 2 MOA change in zero across several shooting positions for the same rifle and ammo combination.

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