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Well last night I took the scope off and put 3 strips of electrical tape under it on the mounts to keep from any scratches getting there, from a recommendation I was given by a good friend, I have no intention of doing any moving of the scope but did it anyway. It raised the scope up enough that I can put the factory covers on it and they dont stick anymore. So for the time being I will use those to keep the scratches and such from happening. Then when I upgrade I will also know if this height works well for me without having to have bought new mounts. I was surprised how much clearance 3 thin strips of tape raised the scope and opened the clearance up. Hopefully someone else sees this thread and gets the great info I got out of it.

I have decided against the flip up style for some of the reasons you all have given, I may get the scope coat or something like that eventually. I do have one last question though.

I saw a device that goes over just the front lens and keeps the glare down and the claim is that it keeps the animals from seeing you easier and also does not interfere with the optic quality. Has anyone used this and know if it is true or not and if it is really needed? I appreciate it. I have not done any rifle hunting in the past so this is all new to me and I dont want to buy stuff just cause its there and claims great things. I know personal experiance is best but you all are very knowledgable and I appreciate any advice you give. Thanks again.
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