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Pietta 1858 cap problem

Originally Posted by DD4lifeusmc
His is a brand new Pietta stainless. His #10 caps kept falling off.
Any ideas? I was thinking a better set of nipples.

Perhaps it was the blow back from the 777 powder or recoil, and not their fit that was contributing to the #10 caps falling off.
#10 Remington caps usually fit the blued factory Pietta 1858 nipples relatively perfect.
He should at least pinch the caps that he has until he gets new nipples or tries different caps.
Sometimes powder fouling accumulating on the cones will help the caps to stay on, but in this case that may not be a factor.
The CCI #10's are usually the tightest fitting caps but that doesn't mean that they will fit his nipples any better. And I don't know which brand that he's using, or if they were being properly seated.

There are several different brands of nipples that can be tried based on the size and brand of caps that he intends to use, and how much that he wants to spend.
Someone found these stainless Rydon nipples below for the Pietta 1858 that are said to fit #11 caps, and they're about the least expensive compared to most others. But there haven't been any actually reports about how well they work and fit #11 caps.

As mentioned there's also the factory blue nipples.
And then there's Slix-shot nipples which reportedly take #11's, or Treso nipples, both of which will cost twice as much as the Rydon nipples.
The more expensive nipples have smaller flash holes which shouldn't allow as much blow back.
But who knows if that's the problem.
Thanks for the range report.
It's nice to hear that you enjoyed shooting the Pedersoli Sharps.
And sounds like you put a lot of effort into building your backstop.
If fouling is a problem perhaps Swiss or another black powder won't create as much.
Once you get more familiar with the rifle I'll bet that everything will pan out just fine.

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