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Originally Posted by rodeo roy
...As tried and tested as it may be I was uncomfortable doing it.
Often learning involves discomfort -- expanding one's comfort envelop beyond its then current boundaries.

Some years ago I was fortunate enough to take a high speed driving class. I remember my first time driving a Formula Ford through Turn 8 at Laguna Seca -- a left-right downhill "S" turn. When hitting the apex of the first half of the turn, you can't see the track. That certainly took things outside my comfort envelop, and my instinct said to back off the throttle. But of course, comng out of the throttle shifts weight forward and lightens the back end, so doing it under side loading while going downhill is a good way to go into a spin.

Forcing myself to understand the geometry of the turn and accept the realities of the physics involved was uncomfortable. But pushing beyond that discomfort and expanding my comfort envelop was necessary to achieving my goal of getting through the turn as fast as possible safely.
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