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I didn't say they weren't polite and cordial to be around on a chance encounter or even regular business basis. I agree the ones at the tables are probably there for PR purposes and not for any ulterior conspiracy motive, and Yes, most of them would like to do their job in as pleasant a manner as possible and I'm sure that even the zealots, nothing pleases them more than to see a happy con and smiling mug shot. But don't think for a minute they are not looking for some violation as an excuse to look even closer. Don't think they will give you a break on a minor infraction even if you were ignorant of it. Don't think that any data they collect won't be passed up the chain in a report where others might decide to act on it. I spent 15 years working with various govt. agencies, some with internal oversight & compliance functions (not the one being discussed) and I saw first hand how many were easy going nice guys and family men but almost all would turn in a heartbeat if they discovered something they thought was against some regulation and reporting or acting on it made them look good and furthered their career agenda. Many were on a power trip because they could be, but usually only to those outside their circle.
But your right, if you are doing nothing wrong then you don't have anything to worry about.

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