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Originally Posted by tgreening
Bear with me. Hypothetical situation.

Let's assume you buy a pistol, pick your poison, but for the sake of this discussion we'll say it's a glock. Now you buy a 16" barrel for it and stuff it into a Roni type system. Would I be correct in my assumption that despite the 16" barrel you saddled it with, you still have created an NFA item by putting a stock and forerip on it?

Whatever the legal standing, if possible could you link to the appropriate documentation.
To answer your question directly, your assumption is wrong. Putting a 16" barrel on a pistol and then putting a shoulder stock on it is making a pistol into a rifle and that is perfectly fine. You can then put a foregrip on it as you wish. (As David pointed out, you must have a barrel 16" or longer and an over all length with stock extended of 26" or longer.)

See ATF Ruling 2011-4. You may take a pistol, convert it into a LEGAL RIFLE, and the SWITCH IT BACK to a legal pistol again as you wish.

If you need the legal definitions of SBR's, AOW's etc. It's in chapter two of ATF 5320.8.

FWIW, I'm not a lawyer, but I have read these documents and am quite familiar with them and the NFA "Rules." If you have specific questions, I can help direct you to the correct rule(s).



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