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Beretta u22 Neos vs. Ruger SR 22 vs. CZ 22

I posted a few weeks ago asking for advice on a first (and maybe only - since my wife is against it) pistol for range fun (90%) and home defense (10%). I got some great advice and have since rented 4 different 9 mm pistols to get a feel for them (CZ P-01, XDm 9, PX4 Storm, 92FS). I was hoping to love the P-01 because of all the research I did and the great reviews. It seemed to have the most kick/recoil of any of the 4 although it did feel the best in my hand.

New Idea/Direction
Since it cost me $29 for 100 rounds AND my wife is starting to soften to the idea, I'm now thinking of getting a 22LR pistol instead for minimal recoil so she might enjoy it too and succeed at the range and much lower cost for ammo (and gun).

I'm looking for feedback from guys who have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with any of the 3 guns in my title. I'm favoring the first 2 for lower cost but would still consider the CZ even though it's over $500.

What do you think? Thanks in advance for the help!!

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