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Mister E thanks a bunch for clarifying how you applied the card stock - I'm going to give it another try today and then hopefully get out to the range next weekend and see how that does. I do like to tinker w my guns, but mainly have put tinkinering into the AR I built. On this one I am so appreciative to have this forum where you guys really know your stuff and can give guidance so that I only improve, not detract from what seems to be a very good rifle!

Yeah, they do have a 50 yard range where I go, but its really only for scope sight-in. Its got 1 lane and they don't let you loiter on it. They have a 'tactical' range but its typically full of LE personnel, or at the opposite extreme, dudes doing mag-dumps from their AKs and SKSs... however: there's this other place on the other side of Dallas which has about a 70 yard range that is an indoors, and is mostly where I shoot my AR and my pistols. I can shoot the iron sights there!

MadCrateBuilder (is that mad crate engines or what?) I'm definietly ordering the shims. Then depending on how it shoots over 10 or so sessions, and how I improve, etc., I'll probably move to the national match unitized gas system. At that time I'll also pick up a national match op rod spring guide.

I also met a gentleman last week at the range who is retired as a machinist and has been gunsmithing last 15 years or so. He mostly does complete custom mauser actioned rifles, but he said he's also glass bedded a few M1As with great results so perhaps in the spring (when my bank account has recovered!) I'll get him to glass bed it.

As Kraig had said, true accuracy is consistency, so I'll be trying to see if I can get it to do 3 shot 3/4" groups consistently. Im not after Super Match performance - but I'm intrigued how accurate I can make it perform out to 200 yards.
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