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I too have an LR 308. I have 5 magazines, one 10 rd, two DPMS 19 rd and two C products 19.
From new, I disassembled all of them, deburred the feed lips, rounded and chamfered the tabs that stick out ahead of the feed lips, back tapered the front edge of the magazine where the bullets rub across when being fed.
Then I removed the casting flash & nub (sprue) [where the plastic is forced into the die] from the magazine follower, cleaned the inside of the mag & then applied a dry lubricant to the inside, outside, the spring and to the follower.
I have never had my LR 308 fail to feed or suffer any malfunction ever in almost 5 years of shooting it. I suspect that if you do the same to your mags, you too will have trouble free shooting. If that fails, replace the mag.
By the way, the work I did on my 308 mags is the same that I do on EVERY mag I own. Excellent reliability is the result.
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