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My new Bullseye pistol

...well, not really. But after yesterday's 900 match we had a 4-round snubby match and I used my 1913 vintage Colt Hammerless Vest Pocket .25 ACP pistol. This gun is really tiny in case you haven't held one, with a 2-1/8" barrel. It's quite a bit smaller than a Ruger LCP, although heavier.

In our snubby matches we shoot slow fire at 25 yards (hard enough as it is), and we are allowed to use two hands. I managed slow fire scores of 78 and 77, a timed fire score of 70 and a rapid fire score of 63. Also, I managed to outscore by a few points two experienced shooters (both of whom easily beat me at regular Bullseye) who were using a 3" S&W 686 and a Glock 26, so I was pretty proud of the little belly gun.

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