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So have any of you ever had to deal with a similar situation? How do you formulate the words to convey that you're preparing for an emergency, and that you'll always keep safety as top priority? And what if they just refuse to accept the usefulness of being armed?
After dealing with a few paranoid females that thought firearms were pure evil and capable of going on killing sprees on their own; while suppressing my own feelings and opinions...

I came to a single conclusion:
This is my life.
I will not suppress my thoughts and desires, just to avoid an argument.
If you don't like the way I wish to live my life, you will not be part of it.

Within 3 weeks of meeting my (future) wife, I told her in an appropriate manner:
I own multiple firearms.
They're important to me.
I keep firearms available to me, to defend myself and those I love.
It is important to me.
I will continue buying more firearms, until I am no longer capable of using them.
I reload. I assemble my own ammunition in my home.
These things are important to me.
I will not give these things up.

Having spent much of her life in an anti-gun city, of an anti-gun county, of an anti-gun state; she was another one of the "but guns are evil" crowd. However... she decided to give them a chance.

Now, she has her own SD handgun, has bought several firearms as gifts for me, and has bought 2 or 3 firearms for herself (and has a firearms wishlist longer than my own).
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