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Lot of good responses and as you can see, with pros and cons to all three options, it just depends on what issues are most important to you.

I own a Marlin 336 XLR in .30/30 Win - by far the better choice imo in regards to accuracy and power beyond 100 yards. However, it's not as versatile to me as the .357 Mag chambering of the various Marlin 1894's that I own. I shoot the 336 more often than my Marlin 1895 (.45/70 Govt) because I can afford to shoot it more often. But I shoot the 1894's even more because of the same reason. .38 Special is the cheapest to shoot of them all. Since I like to shoot and I'm not rolling in the dough, these guns get the most range time.

If I had to choose one I would stick with the 1894 in .357 Mag because of it's versatility.

.44 Mag doesn't interest me because it is more expensive to shoot and doesn't offer me anything the others don't and I don't own any .44 Mag revolvers so to me there is no need.
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