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Originally posted by spanishjames
Please understand, what many of us have been trying to tell you is that you're worried about fixing something that isn't broken.

But he doesn't understand why it does it with one mag, and not the other.
I addressed that in post #6.

Originally posted by mitchntx
I have a Shield and it works with either mag identically.

Being as yours doesn't I would consider it defective. You might be able to live with it today, but who knows what collateral damage it will have down the road.
The thing is, if the slide stop or anything else on the gun itself were defective then the OP should have the same issue with the flush-fit magazine, loaded magazines, or no magazine at all. Because, however, issue only occurs witht he extended magazine and only when that magazine is empty, I am of the opinion that the magazine is the cause of the issue. Actually, if anything is "defective," my money would be on a weak magazine spring in the flush-fit mag.

Originally posted by NerdNoise

The part about the slide going back on its own was happening before I even touched it with sandpaper.

I will take it to the range again and test this out with ammo.
If that's the case, then it could be that the slide spontaneously released because, when you tried unsuccessfully to release it several times previously, you pushed it far enough down to release from slight vibration. Hopefully, that is the case and you haven't changed the function of the gun by sanding the slide stop.

The thing you guys need to keep in mind though, is that not everyone has owned guns for years. This is my first handgun. It just didn't make sense for it to be doing that with different magazines.
I understand that which is why I tried my best to give you very detailed explanation. There's nothing wrong with being new to something as everyone has to start somewhere. In the future, however, it would be adviseable to ask questions and seek advice on something you're unsure about before you start sanding or otherwise modifying parts.
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