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Magnum Wheel Man, it sounds like you need to change your screen name (maybe big bore wheel man).

Anyway, disenchanted is a bit strong, but there has definitely been some movement towards and away from different cartridges over the years.

My first auto was a 9mm. Then, I decided that I just couldn't quite trust it. Slowly though, I started to come around. While for me, it was just for range use (I love .40S&W, .38spl+P, and .45ACP for defensive use), I understood that with proper ammo selection there are good loadings. What brought me full circle were the small almost pocket guns (and in some cases true pocket guns) in 9mm. I recently got my SIG P290 and I've also bought a Kel Tec PF-9 (I take possession of it next week), and in researching ammo choices I've become very comfortable with several loadings for the 9mm. I'm now looking for a good compact 9mm or even one of the smaller full size 9mm's to rotate with my .45's, .40S&W's and .357/.38's as my belt/IWB guns.

I've never owned one, but when I first started buying guns (about 12 years ago or so), it was a pretty new cartridge. I was a huge .357mag fan, so the idea of an auto round that was designed to mimic the 125gr self defense loadings in .357mag appealed greatly to me. I knew I had to get one. I never did, and now I see .357SIG the same way many people see .40S&W...why bother, it doesn't do anything better than what I already have (I have somehow ended up with a box of ammo though, and I do love an excuse to buy a gun, so I'm open to convincing if anyone wants to try ).

Yeah, I is cheap to shoot, and we all need at least one handgun and rifle in .22LR. I even agree with you. However, while I wouldn't say that shooting any gun isn't fun, I find everything but .22LR to be much more fun. I don't shoot it much. So, while I kept my Marlin 60 .22LR rifle (my first gun other than a pellet gun), I sold my only .22 handgun a few years ago. I intend to eventually buy another, but I have so many other priorities ahead of it, I don't know if I ever actually will.

I actually went the opposite direction on this one. At first I didn't see the point. I bought a CZ 40B to try to change my mind. I liked the gun but I sold it because I didn't warm to the caliber (I really kick myself over that now). I liked 9mm, and I loved .45ACP. Like can be the case with many compromises, I saw it as a poor substitute for either option it attempted to split the middle between.

However, as I looked more into the caliber, I started to like it more. It seems to have many of the advantages of both. It is (barely) a big bore cartridge, and is big enough that, like .45ACP, most of the defensive loadings for it seem to perform decently. It is far less ammo dependent for performance than 9mm is, which allows me to buy whatever is on sale (though I still have my favorite ammo choices just like with 9mm). It can be chambered in compact and subcompact 9mm sized guns, or have far more rounds than .45ACP in the larger guns. Now, I see it as a good compromise between the already good .45ACP and 9mm options. I think its big bore performance in either a smaller or a higher cap gun make it possibly the best option for police and "civilian" CCW use.
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