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bad scope?

Was at the range yesterday to make sure my rifle was on and had an issue. My first shot was a couple inches off but I wanted to verify with another shot or two naturally. Well my next few shots never even hit the paper! Eventually I noticed where I was hitting in the background and verified by eyeballing it down the barrel....the scope was off several FEET! I verified that the mounts were in place and everything seemed quite solid. So I adjusted the dials until I got it back to within a few inches and then all of a sudden the thing was back off several feet again! This time it was opposite, as if it jumped back to where it was originally supposed to all my adjustments needed to be reversed. However, at this point I ran out of shells...wasn't expecting to shoot more than like 3 shots honestly.

So my question my scope scrap? If not, and this just happens sometimes, how do I prevent it or fix it easily...or even know that it happened if I'm not on the range? I'm assuming the springs are sticking for some reason...would tapping on the scope be wise?

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