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Zen.45 just posted one of my favorite 1911s (bottom), the "Konsberg Colt" aka M1914. These were licensed copies of the 1911 for the Norwegian army and were made in Norway. During WWII the Nazis took over Norway and made some of these with the parts on hand, then they actually made some with Nazi markings although I read they weren't issued. The WaA nazi ones are pretty rare, but to find any M1914 of them nice and all matching is a hard task.All the parts you can think of were actually serial numbered, frame slide barrel manual safety, grip safety, mainspring housing, trigger, barrel bushing, and perhaps a few other parts.

I missed one Cabelas had, 1945 date, all matching for $1300....I think it was a good buy....very nice gun. I called and it was sold. Now all I want to see is a full custom 1911 by Armand Swenson - my dream 1911. A Giles 1911 would be cool too. No one has posted either in over 6 pages.
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