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I think he was just showing us how to put a chart together and how to use it . He did say we would need to work up our own chart with the critteria most inportant to us . There were a few things i'd like to have seen with all the info his chart had . Like the 338 win mag
Yeah, but he should probably mention that. In one of the videos, he talked about how the 7mm-08 was better for Long Range than the .300 Win Mag, based on the retained energy and wind drift at 1500 meters.

Well, this is true, I guess, based on his numbers, using the best bullet in the 7mm and a fairly lackluster one by .300 mag standards. Switch that .308 180 AMAX for a 240 SMK, and it stomps the 7mm08 a new mudhole in every category (exterior and terminal). It starts at roughly equal velocity to the 7mm but weights 80 grains more and has up to a full .1 higher BC, depending on velocity.

I don't much care for magnums, but they have their uses, and that is one of them.
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