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Its amazing what upgrades do

I just went and fired a few shots out of my "new" rifle, I had bought a 700 sps when they first came out about 6 years ago or so as a all weather hunting gun. It shot ok, about 1.5" moa with cheap factory ammo. Well over the last 2 years Ive been doing alot of tinkering, kinda my project gun. I bought a new stock, free floated it, glass bedded it. Bought a new recoil pad, added a dampener to the barrel, new scope, and rings, trigger work, and removed the drop plate and sealed it like a ADL rifle. Today I fired sierra gameking 150s from it and boom, like a new gun. .5" moa and shoots like a dream. Its a 30-06 but if I didnt know it, I would say it shoots like a .243 now. I couldnt believe what a good stock and some minor upgrades could do
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