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My basic thoughts on the current state of gun shows:

Hmm. I need to buy a Glock 17 Gen 4, 500 rounds of ammo, and maybe some cool accessories for my Remington 870.

Option 1: Gun Show

Go to gun show. Pay $15 fee to exist there. Dodge table of genuine authentic Japanese swords used by the samurai. Consider paying $11 for four ounces of very sketchy looking jerky in a ziploc bag. Find Glock 17 Gen 3 mislabeled as Gen 4. Get in argument with dealer who insists it is a Gen 4. Dealer goes on about how rare and tactical the Gen 4 guns are. But he likes me, so for me it's only $700. Go to next dealer. Grab 500 homegrown Bubba reloads for the same price-per-bullet as the sucker boxes of defense ammo. Find beat up Blackhawk folding stock for the 870. Clearly used. Labeled new. Pay $200 for it. Try to survive the trip back to my car while being muzzle swept by people who have never held a gun being instructed by people who are somehow even worse with them. Dodge group of Neo-Nazis in the parking lot who are there for the Third Reich swag. Go home. Take a bubble bath. Cry. Two weeks later everything I bought breaks. The stock snaps in half and the Glock gets blown up by the reloads. I never see any of the dealers again.

Option 2: Internet

Bud's: $539. Shipped free. $25 to my FFL. Any problems? No sweat. We'll refund for any problem. Just have a look before you accept it. We support the Second Amendment and stand behind our products.

SGAmmo: 500 rounds? No problem. Here's a crazy awesome deal on ultra-modern defensive ammo. We're a family run business that supports the Second Amendment and stands behind our products.

MidwayUSA: Yeah, our shipping prices suck, but look how great and easy our site is to use. Plus, we actively support the Second Amendment (like, a lot) and we stand behind our products.

- Fin

Note: I am not associated with any of the businesses I named. My compliments arise out of continued awesome personal experience.
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