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I went to our Pioneer gunshow today, actually yesterday... little difference, since I'm on the midnight shift. Anyway, I thought about this post a bit as I cruised the isles. The whole affair was kind of a downer. There seemed to be fewer tables with the non-firearms related knick-nacks and whats-it's this time. I did take a longer harder look at those tables whose wares seems to be the same items that have been there for years. Namely, plain jane Mausers with crude and sometimes hidden import marks and Nagant rifles all priced triple of what they can be had for at the local stores. Dozens of police trade-in 59 series handguns sans the majority of their finish, 1911's that were carried by folks who might have known folks that carried one similar to it, no-name shotguns that would barely be safe to adorn fireplace mantles, rifles resurrected from parts bins with gaudy high gloss cammo jobs- all insanely priced.

I was kind of... amazed(?)... that the recent words of the POTUS hasn't had much effect in this area yet. I would have figured there would be a major run on high cap clips, AR's, and anything associated with AK's- Nope. Twas still mostly the usual visitors with the usual bolt action hunting rifles, lever actions, single action revolvers, etc. Ammo prices were still where they had been or pretty close to it.

I ran into my old friend of whom I discussed in a thread or two above. Today I found out he's in his mid-80's, and it would seem that whatever liberties he may have taken in life to try to cheat time- time seems to be exacting it's revenge on the man as of late. Again, we sat and talked a while and passed the time. I told him that it had come to my attention that I'd never had a .25-06 or a .22-250. We talked about those a while, and he relived high times of taking antelope, deer, and such with grand old quarter bores. We told a few jokes and cussed such things as age and motorized wheelchairs. Somehow he sent me away with another 1903- an A3 this time. A Smith Corona. In .30-06... not .25-06 or .22-250. I'm kind of starting to wonder if he isn't a little more of a shrewd salesman than I had given him credit for. By the time the old man got through with me, I could no longer afford to even think about one of those .25-06's that have thus eluded me for so long. I guess it was still a good show, and I'll probably go back to another one in a few months if my wife lets me.
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