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New (to me) Marlin

Went to a small gun show today and wandered around a bit with my boys. I was keeping my eye open for a good deal on a few things when I came across a Marlin 336 in .35 Remington priced about $90 lower than all the rest of the 336s. Picked it up and looked it over real good and except for the see through scope rings that I have never liked it looks real nice. The asking price was $369 which seemed pretty reasonable compared to everyone else ($450 and up on the 336). So while I thought it over my boys were getting pretty antsy so we wandered over and picked up a rubber band gun for each of them and then I went back to talk to the guy. I decided to offer $350 cash and the guy came back at $340+ tax, who was I to say no at that point. Serial number 71 20XXXX dates it to 1971 which is the year I was born, it must be fate. It's in better shape than I am for our age though. So without further ado here's a few pics of the new acquisition. The pictures don't do it justice it's much nicer up close they should have been taken in natural light without a flash. Pictures of the bore didn't work but it's really nice looks like it was hardly used at all.
Here it is in it's original form

After a thorough cleaning and removing the rings.

The marks left by the scope rings will bug me a bit

So now I need to order a few things for it: the screws for the top of the receiver, a set of reloading dies, and this receiver sight. I'm pretty sure I'm leaving it iron sights but I'm confident it'll shoot much better with that Williams sight. I think I did pretty well on the rifle and I've been looking for a deal on one for a while. Maybe tomorrow I'll try to take some artsy pictures of it outside. I'll post a range report after I get to the gun club with it this week I hope.

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