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I never cared much for 1911s

Looks like I'm late to this party! I never cared much for 1911s, but recently I've appreciated them more. I didn't care for their feel, and I consider myself more of a revolver guy, although my "Mr. Hyde semi side" is pretty strong as well.

Here is one I just got, a 1911 (1920) pre war commercial government model. I think it either belonged to Bugs Moran or John Dillinger, I haven't decided yet.

Here is a pair of Colt MKIII National Match 38 special midrange wadcutter guns. The top one dates to around 1964 and the bottom one to the early 1970s. Both in their boxes. (I submitted this photo to the TFL Oct photo contest in the "general discussion" section. Vote in Nov!)

Here are 3 of my other 1911 variants. The top gun is the "are you Sara Conner" special aka AMT 45 longslide (no laser sighting). Under it is the same gun at the bottom in the previous photo. Then we have a satin nickel Colt Combat Commander 45 unfired, ANIB, and finally a Colt mustang pocketlite 380.

Here is my brothers 1911 that he keeps in my safe. It was his first pistol purchase, what a gun for the first one. Its a series 70 Gold Cup National Match 45. So I guess me and him have Colt leanings, hey, they're classic.

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