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Well, I rented a wrench and gauge set from 4-D Reamers. They arrived today.

I used blue painters tape to protect the receiver and barrel, put the recoil lug in a large crescent wrench, put the thing on the floor with the barrel nut wrench on and stepped on it. It came off much easier than I expected.

Unfortunately, no one has had bolt heads in stock until today, MidWayUSA finally has OEM heads. I was hoping for a PTG but they apparently only do runs when they have enough back-orders, as they are currently showing 40 back-ordered and it's climbing every day with a 6-10 week estimate.

I ordered the OEM head from MidWay as I need this gun done before deer season starts in about 3 weeks.

I loose fit the barrel in the receiver to see how it fit the stock and it's actually quite good. There is a tiny contact area right at the tip of the stock but I'll be able to sand that off easily.

Next year, I'll get a much better stock and the PTG head. I just need to have it "huntable" right now.

In case any one is interested, I have the stock barrel and bolt head listed for sale in the Rifle Gun Show forum.
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