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... The tone of many comments show an intolerance for those that don't subscribe to the same methods and that's too bad. It really speaks volumes that persons would call me closed minded, arrogant and ignorant just cause I take a different course of action when I comes to defended my life, very personal decision.
I think you continue to conflate and confuse things, perhaps because you're reacting emotionally to (mis)perceived insults, rather than rationally. It is not "intolerance" to note that one thing is generally accepted (among those knowledgeable) as being better than another. Nor is it intolerant to recognize that some opinions are simply better informed than others.

You are not being called "closed minded, arrogant and ignorant" owing only to a difference of pure opinion. Rather it is the case that your are stubborn in your dismissal of anything outside your (admittedly) limited frame of reference.

Case in point: You stipulate that you may have limited training, and perhaps not "the best". Who knows? But given this admission, you then go on that you make your choices based upon what you acknowledge as a perspective so limited, plus what you "... picture a life or death struggle may come to" adding to note that "I would rather trust my own opinion in that case". So it comes down to trusting your own raw imagination, partly informed by a very limited education, and stubbornly rejecting any input from those with greater knowledge, experience, training and - dare I say it - apparently better sense. How is that any kind of recipe for success? I can't think of any field of endeavor where that attitude would be thought of as conducive to learning anything.
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